Solar Battery



Peak energy consumption in the average NSW household largely occurs outside the hours of solar generation. By installing a home battery you can store and use electricity generated when you need it. By 2025 a typical household will recoup their investment in just under 7.5 years, well within the average battery’s 10-year lifespan (AEMC, 2023).

Shellharbour residents can use the SunSPOT tool prior to contacting an installer to estimate your battery needs. The NSW Government's Home Solar Battery Guide also provides tips to help you make informed decisions when buying and owning a battery system. We recommend sourcing at least two quotes.

Eligible home batteries can also receive a Small-scale Technology Certificate (STC) rebate which is arranged for you by your installer. Ask your installer for more information on additional rebates available. 


Eligibility Criteria:

  • Only available to homeowners and landlords of properties in the Shellharbour LGA for home batteries installed from the 1 July 2023 until 30 June 2024. 
  • Must be installed by a licensed tradesperson and meet all necessary installation standards.
  • Product has not been purchased and installed as a requirement for BASIX or Development Application compliance purposes.
  • See Council’s Sustainability Rebates Program Guidelines for full terms and conditions. 

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