Sustainability Rebates Program

Shellharbour City Council's Sustainability Rebates Program assists homeowners and landlords to electrify their homes. The program will help you make the switch from gas and low efficiency appliances to energy efficient appliances, powered by solar energy. 

Eligible applicants can receive multiple rebates for purchasing from the range of sustainable products listed below while supporting Council's net zero 2050 community emissions target.

Rooftop Solar

Take control of your energy costs and say goodbye to rising electricity prices.

Solar Battery

Solar batteries capture the excess electricity from your solar panels for use when you need it most.

Electric Vehicle Charger

If charged by home solar during the day, EV chargers enable the storage of excess solar generated, just like a battery.

Hot Water Heat Pump

Heat pumps use between 55 to 80% less energy than standard electric storage or gas hot water systems.

Induction Cooktop

Cook faster, safer and cleaner in your home with an electric induction cooktop.